Career Counselling

Evaluating your skill set to match your Dream Job are must for lying foundation to a successful Career.

Numerous factors that influence the Career Development include: your interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances.

The Career Counselling Cell @ Colozal helps you to know and understand yourself, your caliber and the gap between your dream & reality, leaving you with a list of opportunities to bridge the gap for an even better future.

Who Should Attend?

All they, who are looking for a career and need advise about the available opportunities in the JOB sector must attend a Career Counselling session for evaluation & suggestions thereto from industry experts.

What Career Counselling is Not:

There are some common misconceptions about career counselling.

  1. It is not a job interview;
  2. It does not offer or assure you of a job, however, would suggest you of the skills you need for getting in to.
  3. It is not a procedure that runs on trial-and-error.

Colozal offers a free counselling session to its alumnae, however, it is the discretion of the individuals to choose “to” or “not to”.