Advanced Linux Training

  • Instructor: admin
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Introduction and configuration of LDAP Server
  • Configuration of Winbind Server
  • Integration of Active Directory Users with Linux Clients
  • Implementation of LDAP Backup Server
  • Introduction & configuration of Postfix Mail Server
  • Authentication of SAMBA DOMAIN Server with WINDOWS Clients
  • Introduction & configuration of Kerberos Server
  • Introduction & configuration of MySQL Database Server
  • Implementation of HTTPS Service
  • Implementation of Nagios Monitoring Tool Service
  • Introduction & configuration of SAN
  • Explanation & configuration of CLUSTER Servers
  • Importance & configuration of NTP Server, Network Teaming and Rsyslog Server
  • Introduction & configuration of VPN (IPSeC)
  • Introduction & configuration of Apache Tomcat.
  • Implementation of all Servers on IPv6 DNS, WEB & MAIL etc.,
  • Securing Network with Firewall (IPtables, SElinux and FirewallD)

Course Schedule

Batch Start – 1st and 15th of every month

Course Duration: 20 Hrs (2 Hrs a day, 5 Days a week, 2 week)



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