To prove that a solution is technically feasible before moving forward into potential deployment, POC is carried out to determine whether the idea is turned into reality.

POC: Proof of Concept, also known as proof of principle, is the demonstration that a product or a tailored solution is technically & financially viable.

At Colozal Labs, POC means extensive research and review by the team of technocrats, and is submitted as a single package to the customers. It includes examination of the techno-commercial model mitigating the challenges of next generation technology needs. Being focused on quality, our POC provides an excellent demonstration of the innovative solutions for a business to evaluate itself internally and at proposed acquisitions and projects.

Developing a proof of concept generally requires some investment of time or other resources, such as supporting technologies or necessary physical components to complete. Going through this process, however, enables companies to determine an idea’s viability before putting production-level resources behind an untested idea.

POC Advantages

  • POC helps the customers in identifying potential technical and logistical issues that might interfere with success.
  • It provides the opportunity to solicit internal feedback about an innovative solution, while mitigating unnecessary risk and exposure
  • It builds confidence on the stakeholders to accept the changes designed for large scale execution.
  • A successful POC convinces stakeholders, managers or investors that the idea is worth pursuing further.

The Colozal POC:

  1. Clearly defined criteria for success;
  2. Documentation for how the proof of concept will be carried out;
  3. An evaluation component;
  4. Re-engineering as required;
  5. A complete proposal for how to move forward on a successful POC.