Preparing For An Interview


  1. Be punctual & DO arrive a few minutes early
  2. DO explore about the company
  3. DO know you past & present employer
  4. DO ask for clarification if you don’t understand a question
  5. DO answer the questions you’re asked as best you can, and ask whether you answered sufficiently if you’re unsure
  6. DO pause if you need time to think
  7. DO send a thank-you note or email as soon as possible that addresses specific and relevant issues you discussed during the interview


  1. DON’T assume the hiring team remembers your resume
  2. DON’T talk incessantly
  3. DON’T say any negative about your present or past employers
  4. DON’T discuss salary and benefits if you can avoid it (till you get the job offer)
  5. DON’T beg for the job
  6. DON’T wear strong scents
  7. DON’T dress or behave too casually

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